Evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness

Evaluation means the assessment of a project, a program, a tool, or an activity with respect to it achieving its objectives and reaching its target groups.

My services

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal control systems. This is usually done by means of an internal audit with an emphasis on effectiveness.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of anti fraud management and/or compliance systems
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of internal auditing
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a company’s or organization’s objectives
  • Development of target hierarchies of programs, projects and strategic projects of an organization or a company

Client's benefits

Effectiveness is the key to the success of processes, companies and organizations. Evaluating the effectiveness provides information about whether the objectives of an organization can be achieved by means of the planned activities.

  • The evaluation of the effectiveness answers the question: Are we doing the right things?
  • The evaluation of the efficiency answers the question: Are we doing things right?

In order to be able to assess the efficiency of processes, projects and activities, it is often necessary to first evaluate their effectiveness. Ineffective tools and activities – even if they are highly efficient – are often redundant and will only create costs.

Many companies ignore the important correlation between efficiency and effectiveness, and thus the potential of a well-structured, well-thought-out organizational strategy is wasted.